Tips on Buying Affordable Cremation Urns For Every Budget

Tips to Buy Affordable Cremation Urns

AG Peters & Son Affordable Cremation Urns TipsWhen searching for a cremation urn to hold your loved ones ashes you may be overwhelmed by the wide variety of options that are available and a bit discourage by the range of price tags that come with an urn. Some exquisite marble options can run upwards of $1,000, while plastic urns are the most affordable, starting at $25. If you’re torn between wanting to keepsake your loved one in a beautiful, fully customized piece or sticking to a budget, A.G. Peters & Son, Inc. offers some insight on how to choose affordable cremation urns. Our tips below will allow you to pick a price point, while also finding lovely cremation urn options.

8 Considerations to Choosing Affordable Cremation Urns

Decide your price point & stick to your budget. Surprisingly, there are a wide variety of options and price ranges. If you do not decide how much to spend on the cremation urn before starting on your purchasing journey, the cost can easily well exceed your expectations. Starting with a budget will help to narrow down your options and make purchasing affordable cremation urns much easier.

Consider Material. After you’ve set your budget, you can decide on the type of material for your urn. A.G. Peters & Son, Inc. offers many options for cremation urns, including marble, wood, economy, solid bronze and stainless steel. If your loved one was environmentally-conscious, consider the biodegradable urn.AG Peters & Son Tips to Buy Affordable Cremation Urns

Personalization options. Urns come with a variety of customization options to commemorate a loved one. Add a special engraving, photo or an honoring tribute.

Choose your size. Urns are available in three different sizes: keepsake, medium and full. The keepsake size is the most affordable cremation urns option and is appropriate if you and several family members want to divide the ashes.

Style. Besides material and personalization, you can commemorate your loved one with a completely unique style urn. We have affordable cremation urns available in several styles including patriotic, sports, motorcycle enthusiast, car enthusiast and much more.

What are you doing with the ashes? Before choosing an urn, you must decide if you will keep, scatter or disburse the ashes. This will factor into your final budget and narrow down the cremation urn options available.

Matching keepsake options. If you’re burying or scattering the ashes, you can purchase matching keepsakes or cremation jewelry as a piece of remembrance.

Do you need to travel with the remains? If you need to fly with the ashes, you’ll need to purchase a cremation urn that can pass through airport security. Options would be narrowed down to wood and ceramic, which AG Peters & Son offers many affordable styles.

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No matter your budget, A.G. Peters & Sons, Inc. provides tips to help your clients choose a beautiful memorial urn to cherish their loved ones. We sell and ship only to licensed funeral homes and funeral directors in the New Jersey tri-state area. For questions on availability or to place an order, call our office at 856-931-7476 or email:

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