Products Every Mortuary Must Own

Important Mortuary Products & Supplies

Working in the funeral supply and death care industry, it can often be challenging to find the quality mortuary products and funeral supplies you need from a company you can trust. AG Peters & Son, Inc. has been family-owned & operated for 4 generations, selling quality products and equipment to licensed funeral homes throughout the NJ Tri State area. When funeral homes and directors need to prepare a body for a funeral service, they know they can trust us to deliver the quality mortuary products they need on-time and fairly priced. There are several mortuary products you must own in order to properly prepare a body for a funeral service, which AG Peters & Son, Inc. has listed below.

Top 5 Vital Mortuary Products

AG Peters & Son Inc Mortuary Products & Supplies Runnemede NJMortuary Stretchers: In order to easily and safely transport body bags throughout your facility a stretcher is vital. This essential and versatile item can also double as storage for corpses. We offer a selection of stretchers and add-on attachments depending on your needs.

Pouches/Bags: Mortuary bags, or body bags, are used to store and transport the deceased from the place of death to your mortuary or funeral home. We offer high quality, durable 8mil white vinyl bags in a variety of sizes from standard to heavy duty.

Mortuary Garments: It is the mortuary or funeral home’s responsibility to ensure the deceased body is protected. Plastic garments prevent the seeping of fluids, as well as fumes and body damage. We offer plastic mortuary garments in coveralls, sleeves, pants, stockings and unionalls.AG Peters & Son Inc Buy Mortuary Products Runnemede NJ

Forms: Preparing the body for a funeral service means you must preserve the natural shape and integrity of the body. Seasoned morticians will use pant forms, among other equipment, to help keep the shape and style of any pant. AG Peters & Son, Inc. offers high quality cardboard pant forms to fit the length of average height men and women.

Embalming Products: The embalming process removes the fluids from inside the body then adds chemicals to slow the process of degeneration. Embalming products every mortician needs include embalming table, instruments and chemicals in order to store the body for several days before the funeral service.

Funeral & Mortuary Supplier in NJ

AG Peters & Son, Inc. proudly provides all of these vital mortuary products and funeral supplies to licensed funeral homes and directors in the New Jersey tri-state area. We ship next day within a 75-mile of our Williamstown, NJ location. Those outside this area we ship standard via FedEx or USPS. For more information or to order any of our funeral or mortuary supplies, call 856-931-7476 or email

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