Debunking Popular Green Burial Myths

Popular Green Burial Myths, Debunked

AG Peters & Son Green Burial Myths DebunkedWith the conservation of our earth prevalent on a lot of people’s minds today, more and more people are looking for all-natural, green ways to protect the environment. From reducing plastic waste to driving electric cars and even the ways we care for our deceased loved ones. Green burial practices have been around since the beginning of mankind and are quickly gaining popularity in the modern era among those that want to lessen their impact on the environment. Green burial refers to the way in which the deceased body is prepared and laid to rest. In its simplest form, you allow the body to decompose naturally in a site that is specially set for a green, all natural burial. Since this is not the “normal” way we lay our loved ones to rest there are a lot of myths floating around about green burials, AG Peters & Son, Inc. is here to debunk some of those misconceptions.

5 Green Burial Myths – Debunked

You can’t have a casket. While we wouldn’t bury the deceased in a traditional wooden, bronze or steel casket, you can still utilize a biodegradable casket for a green burial.

The dead bodies will leach toxins & contaminate the earth. Green burial grounds must adhere to the same municipal and state laws as cemeteries. This means the burial grounds must be out of a certain distance from ground water, water tables, communities, schools, etc. Furthermore, there is little evidence proving what leaks from a decomposed body is toxic or a public health risk.

Body must be embalmed before burial. While embalming is a common practice, it is not essential. However, you should be mindful of your timeframe from death through burial. If the body will be held for more than 24 hours, it is advisable to have a professional embalm the body & keep it cool until the green burial ceremony.

It is illegal. Natural burial is legal in all 50 United States as well as all Canadian provinces. However, cemeteries have their own rules and can dictate the types of burials that take place on their property. Your jurisdiction may allow green burials, but the cemetery can deny you.AG Peters & Son Debunking Green Burial Myths

You need a Funeral Director. If you plan on caring for the body at home and burying it less than 24 hours after death, it may not be necessary to hire a funeral director. However, it is very important you go through the process of getting the proper death certificate and other paperwork.

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I hope we were able to clear up a few of the myths floating around about green burials and you might consider adopting this practice in the future. If you plan to stick with the traditional routes of casket burial or cremation, AG Peters & Son, Inc. has a variety of urns, caskets and equipment for your client’s funeral service needs. We provide essential mortuary supplies and funeral equipment to licensed funeral homes and directors in the NJ Tri-State area. Call 856-931-7476 or email us for more information.

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