Tips to Planning a DIY Pet Funeral

Guide to Host a Pet Funeral & Memorial Service

AG Peters Funeral Supply Guide to Planning Beautiful Pet FuneralWhether it is a dog, cat, bird, hamster or reptile, many people deeply love their pets and see them as an integral member of the family. When the time comes that our pet crosses over the rainbow bridge we’ll want to find ways to commemorate their life. A pet funeral or memorial service is a beautiful & sentimental option to bring together your family, as well as friends & neighbors who loved your pet as well. AG Peters Funeral Supplies provides a short guide to hosting a commemorative pet funeral service that celebrates the life of your pet.

7 Tips to Plan a Beautiful Pet Funeral

Choose Disposition Type: The very first thing to do after your beloved pet has passed away is choose what to do with their remains. You can either bury or cremate the body depending on your personal preference. If you choose burial (body or ashes), check with your local regulations to avoid any fines in the future.

Purchase a Beautiful Urn or Memorial Marker: Many people choose to cremate their pet and keep their ashes on display in a beautiful cremation urn. Another option is to purchase a memorial marker (the pet doesn’t have to be buried) to put on display under their favorite tree in the backyard. Both options give your family the opportunity to regularly visit your pet.

Host at a Meaningful Venue: Whether that means your own home, your dog’s favorite park or even a funeral home, the location is important to provide the backdrop for the service.

Invite all Pet Parents & Friends: While it is a pet funeral, it is also a celebration of the love for your pet & the love they gave to your family and friends. Invite your friends, neighbors & their pets as well to make the celebration that much more meaningful.AG Peters Funeral Supply Pet Funeral & Memorial Tips

Ask Everyone to Say a Few Words: Those who feel comfortable to speak can find much healing & comfort in sharing a poem, a prayer or a story regarding your beloved pet.

Moment of Quiet Reflection: Before the pet funeral & memorial ceremony is over allow the group to share in a quiet moment of reflection.

Personalize Memorial Ideas: If you do not wish to keep the remains of your pet, there are so many ways you can honor the memory of their life. From cremation jewelry to a garden stone, plaque and clay paw print impression, these items provide a sweet keepsake of your pet.

Planning a Pet Memorial Service

A pet funeral & memorial services provides you and your family the opportunity to personalize a final goodbye to your beloved pet. Our guide will help you plan and put the funeral in place during this difficult time. If you’re on the fence about burial vs. cremation, we debunked 10 common cremation myths.

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