Thoughtful Creation Memorial Service Ideas

Memorial Service Ideas for Families who Chose Cremation

AG Peters & Son Meaningful Cremation Memorial Service IdeasThere are a plethora of reasons a family would chose cremation over the customary burial including environmental concerns, religious beliefs, family tradition and more. However, the choice to be cremated doesn’t take away from the ability to host a thoughtful and meaningful memorial ceremony. Whether you chose open casket or a cremation memorial service your local funeral home will be happy to work with you to best accommodate your family’s preferences. AG Peters & Son, a local funeral supplies provider, highlights 6 ways you can host a customized service when your family chooses cremation.

6 Ways to Host a Meaningful Cremation Memorial Service

Photo & Video Tribute: Creating a tribute containing pictures and videos of your loved one who has passed is a touching way to remember their life. The photos can be displayed chronological order from childhood up until their most recent memories. Adding several videos is a sweet way for loved ones to remember the sound of their voice, hear their laughter and feel a sense of connection.

Share Memories: Invite guests to openly share funny and heartwarming stories and their favorite memories of the deceased. This gives people the chance to learn nuggets of kindness, generosity and learn something they may not have known about your loved one. Sharing memories is also cathartic and a healthy way for people to grieve.

Memorial Appropriate Songs: If the funeral home has their own built-in stereo system you can also consider playing appropriate background music containing the deceased’s favorite songs. You can also play music during the tribute to add a special touch to the cremation memorial service.

Host an After Party: Many families chose to invite the guests to their home to host an after party to further celebrate the life of your loved one. The relaxed setting allows people to grieve and express themselves more freely. Feel free to invite guests to bring food and drink of their choice, they understand it is a lot to handle cooking and serving during this difficult time.

Floating Lanterns: Towards the end of the after party or on the funeral parlors’ grounds (permission granted) host a final send off with floating lanterns. These are a tradition in many cultures due to their beautiful display of lighting up the sky. You can also write messages on the paper to send up for your loved one.

Custom Cremation Urns: Once you chose a cremation urn you can customize it by getting it engraved with a portrait and quote. Not only is the urn a place to hold the ashes of your loved one, but with the customization it becomes a keepsake to prominently display in your home.

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