Surprising Benefits of Investing in Prepaid Funeral Arrangements

Prepaid Funeral Benefits for Yourself & Loved Ones

AG Peters Funeral Supplies Benefits Prepaid Funeral ArragementsWhile it is strange, morbid and almost taboo to think of, let alone talk about, one day in the far future you will pass away. When this unfortunate, tragic life event happens, your family instantly picks up the stress associated with grieving and planning a funeral, cremation and/or celebration of life ceremony. But there are options that allow you to pay and make arrangements ahead of time, which can be extremely beneficial for yourself and your family. AG Peters & Son, Inc., a funeral & mortuary equipment supplier, offers insight into prepaid funeral benefits, many of which you might not have thought about.

6 Benefits of a Prepaid Funeral Arrangement

Plan Exactly what you want: Once a family begins planning a funeral the #1 question that always arises: “is this what my loved one would have wanted?” When you prepay for funeral arrangements, you take out all the guess work and can plan exactly what you do and do not want.

Minimize Family Stress: Further, many family members will disagree on the answer to that question and cause a rift and tension during a highly emotional time. The benefit of a prepaid funeral is to eliminate any confusion, fighting and added stress.

Lock in Prices: Funding a funeral can be very expensive, especially when it comes to the casket, cremation urn, headstone and burial location. A great benefit is the ability to pay for such large expenses in advance. You and your loved ones can lock in the pricing on these items; if the price goes up, you don’t have to pay more!

Relief Financial Burden: Costs associated with funerals are due at the time the service is performed, in full, up front. Without a prepaid funeral arrangement plan your family will have to come up with $7,000 or more and fast. For many families this is not feasible and their time of grieving becomes mounted with added pressure.

Make your Last Wishes Known: You get to decide the details and costs associated with the funeral location (church, funeral home or both), flowers, food, keepsakes, casket and more. While you may ask your family for their opinion the final decision is ultimately yours to make.

Loved Ones Focus on Healing: The death of a loved one comes as a shock no matter the circumstance surrounding the situation. The ultimate benefit of a prepaid funeral is that your family doesn’t have to make any financial or emotional decisions during this heightened emotional and stressful time.

For questions about how to sign up for a plan contact your life insurance policy holder.

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