Price Breakdown of all Major Funeral Expenses

Anticipate These Major Funeral Expenses for your Loved One

AG Peters & Sons Major Funeral Expenses to AnticipateWhether you want to honor the life and legacy of your loved one through a traditional burial service, green burial or cremation there are costs and expenses associated with any ceremony. Aside from the 5 major funeral expenses, which AG Peters & Son has highlighted below, you must also account for food, transportation, decorations, a headstone and other personalized funeral items. Preparing and understanding the cost of the most important funeral expenses can help you plan, save money and ensure you’re not being overcharged during such a stressful and difficult time.

5 Major Funeral Expenses to Plan Ahead For

Casket: When opting for a traditional burial this will be your largest expense. Caskets are available in a wide range of metal thickness, materials (wood, metal, bronze or copper) and colors with tons of added features.
Average Cost: $1,500 – $5,000

Cremation Urn: While the cremation urn is a more affordable decision, there are still many options to choose from that can affect the pricing. High quality cremation urns are typically made of cultured marble, wood (mahogany, oak, cherry), economy urns, solid bronze, stainless steel and more.
Average Cost: $350 – $800

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Funeral Reception: The cost of your funeral reception will depend almost exclusively on the venue. The two most popular options are a church or a funeral home, which both require a form of payment to hold a funeral service. If you chose cremation, you have a bit more flexibility regarding the venue, which can range from a serene park to a love one’s home, a banquet hall or any other space that was meaningful to your loved one. Added expenses for the funeral reception include food, decorations, funeral stationary and other such items.
Average Cost: $350 – $2,700

Burial Disposition: When you chose a traditional casket burial there are several other costs associated, namely the burial. Besides a cemetery lot fee and gravestone (option), you have to consider the cost to dig the grave, transportation of the body and preservation methods.
Average Cost: $3,500 – $4,500

Cremation Service: A direct cremation is the most cost-effective method, which is simply the body is cremated and returned to the family with a funeral or service. Other methods for cremation include scattering the ashes, burying the cremation urn or a traditional funeral followed by cremation.
Average Cost: $700 – $1,200

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