Common Funeral Terms to Know when Preplanning

Familiarize yourself with these Important Funeral Terms

AG Peters & Son Inc Funeral Terms to Know & UnderstandWhen planning a funeral there are 100 decisions to make and so many little details to consider. The entire process can be overwhelming, especially when you’re grieving the very recent loss of a loved one. Preplanning your funeral can seem a bit morbid, but extremely helpful for your closest loved ones when the time is necessary. While doing research you’ll come across various funeral terms you should be familiar with. AG Peters & Son, Inc. highlights the top 10 funeral terms and phrases to know when planning a funeral service.

10 Terms you Should Know when Planning a Funeral

Funeral Celebrant: A celebrant is a certified, non-clergy professional you can hire to prepare and conduct the funeral. If you prefer not to have the funeral religious or you’d like to incorporate multiple religions or spiritualities, they can tie multiple elements together.

Green Burial: A natural alternative to traditional burial, which avoid chemical preservatives and traditional metal or wood caskets.

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Authorized Agent: A person whom you’ve previously authorized to carry out your final funeral wishes.

Pre-funded Funeral Contract: A written and signed contract which outlines all funeral expenses and ensure there will be no hidden or extra fees at the time of the service.

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Hearse: Used to transport the casket to the burial site; typically supplied by the funeral home.

Family Car: Personal car to transport family and loved ones from the funeral home to the cemetery.

Cemetery Plot: A piece of land on a cemetery where your casket will be buried. You can reserve multiple plots to ensure loved ones can be buried next to each other.

Burial Vault: A wood, brick or concrete container that encloses the casket to prevent the grave from sinking. Requirements for a burial vault differ in each state.

Visitation/Viewing: The visitation is closed casket and allows loved ones to express condolences to the family of the deceased. A viewing is open casket and gives an opportunity for those in attendance to pay their final respects.

Memorial Keepsake: A custom made item to remember and celebrate your loved one long after the funeral has ended. These can be just for immediate family or given to all funeral guests.

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