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AG Peters & Son, Inc. is a 4th generation family-owned and operated funeral and mortuary equipment supplies company. We understand the unique challenges of the industry and are here to make the buying experience simply and easy for all parties involved. We supply all of the mortuary equipment products needed for you to successfully run your business. Best of all, these products are of the highest quality and competitively priced. Please note, we only sell to licensed funeral homes and funeral directors; for the safety of all parties involved, we observe the right to check before selling and shipping items. See below a full list of our mortuary equipment, call 856-931-7476 for pricing information.

List of AG Peters & Son, Inc. Mortuary Equipment

AG Peters & Son Transportation Mortuary Equipment Supplier NJ

Transportation Equipment: We offer a full line of high quality mortuary transportation equipment to safely move the deceased throughout your funeral home. Our stretchers are stackable and can be used for loading, storing or transporting the bodies. The church trucks we offer can easily support 1,000 pounds and can be pushed or pulled over carpet, grass or other rough surfaces with ease. Our mortuary cots come equipped with 5 height adjustments and are easy to maneuver and can fit in tight areas and down stairs. If the deceased needs to be shipped, AG Peters & Son, Inc. also offers leak resistant air trays.

AG Peters & Son Runnemede NJ Supply Protectant Coverings

Equipment Coverings: Protect your transportation equipment when not in use by purchasing a cover. Cot covers, cot pouches, church truck drakes & covers are all available.

AG Peters & Son Family Owned Mortuary Equipment Company NJ

Embalming Machines: We offer the latest in technology of embalming machines. Models are stainless steel, 100% disinfectable, automatically adjust for rate-of-flow, use all embalming chemicals and much more.

AG Peters & Son Mortuary Products & Equipment NJ

Casket Facial Lamps: Hang this lamp inside the casket to perfectly enhance the face of the deceased, as well as the interior of the casket if your client added any personalization. Our casket facial lamps do not require bolts or clamps, therefore will not look bulky inside the casket.

AG Peters & Son Mortuary Products Company New Jersey

Floral Display Rack: Offering a floral display rack to your client is a sincere and functional way for them to present the beautiful floral arrangements. Our stands are easy to store and transport to churches, cemeteries and inside your funeral home.

AG Peters & Son Prep Room Supplies

Prep Room Supplies: We offer an extensive inventory of prep room supplies. Please call 856-931-7476 for a detailed list.

Mortuary Equipment Supplies

For more detailed information on our line of mortuary equipment, please give us a call at 856-931-7476 or email: We’re happy to go over our mortuary products with you so we can best accommodate with the needs of your funeral home. We also provide a variety of funeral products including urns, crosses, rosaries and jewelry, as well as a variety of personalized funeral products

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