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Mourning Handkerchiefs

Funeral Handkerchiefs, or mourning handkerchiefs, were first introduced in the Victorian era and have remained extremely popular over the centuries. Initially, the designs were very simple: a white handkerchief with a black border. However, as time and traditions change, these funeral items are now available in a variety of colors to meet the needs of your diverse clientele. AG Peters & Son, Inc. offers both men and women’s funeral hankies in several color options; see below our available styles.

Men’s Funeral Handkerchiefs

Our men’s handkerchiefs come in standard 18” x 18” square size. Color options are white, blue or ivory. The soft and durable material is made of a high-quality cotton blend.

Women’s Funeral Handkerchiefs

Our women’s mourning handkerchiefs come in a smaller size and several more color options to match dresses and preferred style. The women’s option is also made from a soft cotton-blend fabric. The 16” x 16” hankies are available in white, blue, pink, ivory, orchid or mint colors. Each color comes with a beautiful and elegant white lace trim border.

Order Funeral Handkerchiefs

For grieving families, it is important to offer both men and women’s mourning handkerchiefs at your funeral home. These offer an affordable, yet special keepsake for memorial and funeral services. Your clientele will appreciate you offering them a way to grieve and memorialize their loved one that has passed on. Besides hankies, AG Peters & Son, Inc. offers many products including cremation urns, jewelry, crosses, rosaries and register cards. A few personalized funeral items, such as name plates, car decals and magnetic signs are available for custom orders. Order all of the funeral supplies you need from our website by calling 856-931-7476 or send us an email. We will help you select the best funeral products for your unique clientele.

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