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AG Peters & Sons, Inc. Memorial & Funeral Jewelry

Memorial or funeral jewelry is one of the most meaningful ways of holding onto the memories of a loved one that has passed on. Your clientele will appreciate your funeral home having these keepsakes available for purchase. They’re dealing with a very difficult loss, but these jewelry pieces will symbolize their loved ones memories, legacy and allow your clients to remember the amazing times whenever they look at it or wear it around their neck. Our collection is durable enough for every day wear to help your clients deal with their loss. AG Peters & Sons, Inc. offers a few different beautiful memorial jewelry pieces, see full details below.

Cremation Jewelry: The Pendant Collection

Not only does our jewelry collection hold significant and precious meaning for those who purchase a piece, but what’s inside is even more important. Each of the pendants in our collection contains a portion of the cremated body for your clients to hold near to their heart, forever. Our necklace and pendant charm options offer a unique way for your clients to memorialize their loved ones. All cremation jewelry comes with a 20” necklace, the pendant and a black velvet box.

Order Memorial Funeral Jewelry

Cremation jewelry can be ordered over the telephone during normal business hours by calling 856-931-7476. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to go over the specific options we have and help you choose the best ones for your clientele. Email orders are also available through AG Peters & Son, Inc. offers next-day shipping for our memorial jewelry to funeral homes and licensed directors within a 75-mile radius of our office location in Williamstown, NJ. Funeral homes outside of this area we ship via FedEx or US Postal Service. For more information or help with your order, please feel free to give us a call – we’re happy to help!

Dragonfly Pendant
Heart Pendant
mom pendant
Dad pendant
cross pend
Filagree Cross Pendant
Angel Wing Pendant
Angel Wing Heart Pendant

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