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AG Peters & Son, Inc. sells high quality mortuary supplies to funeral homes and licensed funeral directors in the New Jersey tri-state area. In an extremely niche industry sometimes it can be hard to find the mortuary & funeral supplies needed to prepare the body for a funeral service. We proudly offer a wide range of mortuary supplies needed to beautifully present the deceased to their family and loved ones during the funeral or memorial service. Please note, we sell only to licensed funeral homes and directors in the New Jersey tri-state area and we will double check to ensure the safety of all parties involved. See below a list of the mortuary supplies we can offer and ship directly to you.

List of AG Peters & Son, Inc. Mortuary Supplies

AG Peters & Son Funeral & Mortuary Supplies NJ

Mortuary Cotton Stuffing: We supply cotton stuffing in 2 colors, white or brown. It is highly absorbent and is able to hold the shape of the deceased for several days in order to last through the funeral and viewing services.

AG Peters & Son Mortuary Supplies Company NJ

Pant Forms: Our pant forms are made out of high-quality cardboard and fit the length of most average height men and women. These cardboard pant forms will help keep the shape of any style pants, whether they’re being shown in jeans, slacks or a suit.

AG Peters & Son Mortuary Supplier Company in New Jersey

Plastic Undergarments: AG Peters & Son, Inc.’s plastic undergarments provide the perfect solution to your dressing problems. Our plastic ware will prevent the seeping of fluids, as well as fumes and body damage. Plastic undergarments are available in coveralls, sleeves, pants, stockings and unionalls for your convenience. All styles feature an elastic waist and cuffs, while the large sizing allows for cotton to be inserted beneath.

AG Peters Mortuary Equipment Supplies NJ Tri State

Pouches/Body Bags: The body bags we offer are made from high quality, durable 8mil white vinyl. Body bags are available in heavy duty, standard, adolescent size or infant-size. All options are equipped with 2 envelope-style zippers and 3 identity tags. Cremation pouches are available in 2 sizes and feature a full-length, non-metallic zipper.

High Quality Mortuary Supplies

AG Peters & Son, Inc. proudly supplies the funeral items and mortuary supplies needed for funeral homes to run efficiently and effectively. For more information or to order any of the above mentioned items, please give us a call at 856-931-7476 or email: We ship next-day to funeral homes within a 75-mile radius of our Williamstown, NJ location. Those outside of this area we ship via FedEx or US Postal Service.

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