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Funeral Stationary: Register Books & Acknowledgement Cards

Funeral stationary, such as register books and acknowledgment cards, are often the only remembrance items that remain in the hands of friends and family. It is highly recommended that your funeral home offer these stationary items to your clientele as a way to showcase, highlight and remember the life of their loved one that has passed on. Furthermore, stationary informs guests of the important information associated with service and funeral times and location, which can also serve as a marketing tool for your funeral home. AG Peters & Son, Inc. offers several different register book and acknowledgment card options, which are outlined below.

Funeral Register Books

The funeral register book, often referred to as the guest book, serves 2 purposes. The first is to give the family of the deceased a record of those who were in attendance to pay their respect. The second is for those who attended to write a short note to the deceased to let them know the positive effect they had on their lives. Funeral register books are a very important aspect for both sides to start the healing process. AG Peters & Son, Inc. offers both padded and paperback style books.

Funeral Acknowledgement Cards

Acknowledgments cards are a more personal way to let those in attendance know how much their condolences and sympathy mean to you. Our funeral acknowledgment cards are offered in 1 religious style and 1 non-religious style to meet the needs of your clientele. The religious style available is the standard praying hands, which are beautifully gold filled; while, the non-religious style is titled With Sincere Thanks. Both options will suit the needs of the deceased’s family and they will appreciate the gesture of you offering these extended services. 

Personalized Funeral Stationary

Providing funeral stationary to your clients will effortlessly enrich the funeral or memorial service, as well as honor the deceased. It is important not to overlook these important details when offering funeral services to a family suffering a loss. Contact AG Peters & Son, Inc. for your funeral stationary needs, including acknowledgment cards and funeral guest books. We offer a variety of other personalized funeral items as well including name plates, vinyl lettering, car decals and more. Order over the phone by calling 856-931-7476 or send us an email: We look forward to working with you!

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