AG Peters & Son Crystal Funeral Rosaries

Funeral Rosaries

Rosaries are a very important funeral ceremony item for the grieving families. The beads represent faith and rebirth, which gives great comfort and support to those who have lost a loved one. They can be used by the clergy, friends or family of the deceased during the funeral services. Rosary beads may also be placed on the body or casket as a symbol of faith. No matter how your clientele choose to use the funeral rosaries, it is essential that your funeral home can provide them for the grieving families. See below the rosary bead option we offer at AG Peters & Son, Inc.

Aurora Borealis Crystal Rosaries

Crystal rosaries are not only extremely beautiful, but they are also very high quality. They’re able to withstand the pressure we put on them during prayer, as well as hold their color and shine for many years. Our Aurora Borealis Crystal rosary beads stunningly capture both natural and artificial light. If you catch the right reflection, you can even see a dance of light made by these gorgeous beads. AG Peters & Son, Inc.’s Aurora Borealis Crystal rosary beads are a unique and beautiful option to offer in your funeral home; an elegant choice many women prefer to use.

Order Black or Crystal Rosary Beads

AG Peters & Son, Inc. takes orders for rosary bead over the phone during normal business hours or via email at any time. Rosaries are sold single, or by the dozen. Our office is open Monday – Thursday 9AM – 3PM and Friday 9AM – 1PM. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are happy to help you choose the right funeral supplies and equipment for your funeral home. Besides our beautiful Aurora Borealis crystal rosary beads, AG Peters & Son, Inc. can supply you with crosses, crucifixes, cremation jewelry, personalization products, mortuary supplies and prep room supplies. Feel free to browse the rest of our website for extensive details on all of our offerings.

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