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AG Peters & Son, Inc. has been providing cremation and memorialization urns to funeral homes and directors in the New Jersey tri-state area since the early 1950s. Whether the cremated body is to be buried, scattered or to be kept at home, we offer a variety of different funeral urn selections to meet the needs of your clientele.

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Large Selection of Cremation Urns

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Cultured Marble Urns: One of our less expensive urn options, cultured marble is made with the same elegant and luxurious appearance as natural marble without the expensive price tag. Cultured marble is durable, offering a high strength resistance to denting and chipping.

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Wood Urns: AG Peters & Son, Inc. offers wooden urns in oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry or solid poplar. Beautiful and timeless, wooden urns are one of our most popular choices. Each urn is carefully stained and finished by hand to bring out the natural beauty of the select wood finish.

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Economy Urns: Our economy urns are available in either plastic or sheet bronze. These options give you a very affordable way for your clients to cremate their loved ones. Each urn features a snap-top locking lid, eliminating the need to obtain permanent closure.

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Solid Bronze Urns: We offer a line of exquisite solid bronze cremation urns, which provide a universal appeal for a wide range of clientele taste. Besides their unique color, bronze urns are strong, durable and virtually indestructible.

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Biodegradable/Eco-Friendly Urns: AG Peters & Sons, Inc. now provides funeral homes and funeral directors with an option for families who prefer an eco-friendly funeral. Our biodegradable urns can be used for either burial or scattering the remains.

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Child Cremation Urns: Child, youth and infant urns are considered smaller urns. We offer a variety of youth cremation urns to memorialize young angels.

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Stainless Steel Urns: Stainless steel offers a distinguished, classic style for cremation urns. We offer stainless steel urns in Lincoln or Pristine style with 3 sizes available.

AG Peters & Son, Inc. offers a variety of funeral urns for your client’s needs. If you need help placing your order give us a call at 856-931-7476 during our normal business hours. We’re happy to work with you in choosing the best cremation urns.

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